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Financial Terms & Definitions
If talking about finances feels like trying to learn a foreign language, we're here to help. As your trusted financial planners and investment managers, we want you to understand the terms, acronyms, and jargon that may arise during your financial journey.
From Amortization to Zero-Coupon, we've got you covered.
Here's our glossary of financial terms in alphabetical order to get you started.

Financial Statement

A financial statement is a blanket term for one of a number of sub-reports that convey the economic status and health of a company or individual. Some financial statements capture a specific moment in time, such as a balance sheet. Other financial statements model future financial expectations, such as a cash flow statement. Others aim to capture historical data over a specific period of time, such as an income statement. Analysis of multiple financial statements provides a more comprehensive picture of the financial wellbeing of the company or individual in question.

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