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Mourning a Loss, Celebrating a Life

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To our clients, friends, and family,

This weekend Foster & Motley, the Staubach family, and many others suffered a tragic loss as Paul Staubach passed away. He had a brain aneurysm Saturday, May 9th that took his life much too soon. We have reached out directly to those who worked with Paul and shared memories and tears, but wanted to share the news with our clients, friends, and family at large as well.

Below is a thoughtful note from one of our founders, Dave Foster. He shared these thoughts with our team, and with his permission we share them with you;
"Where to begin.  Hard.  I lost a dear and true friend.  And I know I am not alone.  The F&M family lost one of our own - shareholder, co-worker, lunch buddy, mentor, friend to all. Clients lost a trusted counselor and family friend.  But his family, his wife, his kids, his grandkids lost so, so much more.  Spouse, dad, grandpa, leader, steady force of nature.  It’s hard to put into words.  I feel it - like a physical weight on my chest, pressing, pushing.  I have trouble typing through these tears.  

Again - where to begin?  I knew Paul from afar at Miami from Greek intramural sports - he was an Evans Scholar and a very good athlete.  Then we started working together at Grant Thornton - 1985 maybe?  We played a lot of softball and some volleyball together, shared stories of young wives, young kids, too much overtime, and everything else in our lives.  

Paul went off to work in banking, and I went off to start my own financial planning career.  But we kept in touch.  Then his bank was sold to a bigger bank (all of which Paul was integrally involved in) and we had lunch and I talked him into thinking about a career change, “Hey, you would be a great financial advisor!”  And I knew he would - and was he ever.

He joined F&M in 2000, quickly became a shareholder, and quickly became indispensable.  Both as a business partner and an advisor.  

His integrity was unquestioned.  
His work ethic unmatched.  
His moral compass always true.  
He could be counted on for ANYTHING.  “Hey Paul, can you help me with this?” ... the answer was always “Yes.”  

He cared deeply for his clients and always did the right thing.  He worked hard to figure out right answers and always kept learning.  He had a fine balance of technical knowledge and skill, and plain old common sense.

He gave back to his community in so many ways - I am sure I don’t even know them all - but he was always up for volunteering.  I believe that his heart was bigger than those big mitts he called hands. Of course, he was also up for charity golf events, and a much sought after partner in scrambles.

I am so sad to think about the impact on his big and loving family.  I know he was a great dad, and grandpa, a great and loving husband.  To write “was” is so hard.  Maybe I should say IS, because his legacy will live on in that great family.  He IS and always will be a great dad, a great grandpa, and a great husband.  I think about how his grandkids won’t feel those huge hands grab them in a big hug, or hear his goofy Donald Duck voice, and that loud and easy laugh.  My chest hurts again - something is pressing on it.  

I really have only one regret when I think about Paul.  I should have hugged and said “Hey man, I love you” - because I did.  I do."  

When Dave sent this to the team initially, he ended it by saying “I can’t write much more, but I feel there is so much more to say.  Help me.  Maybe write your own thoughts and share them?”" and we’d ask you to do the same. Capture your thoughts and memories about Paul.  Email them to any of us at Foster & Motley, or send them to We will share these with the team and Paul’s family in the coming weeks. If you’d like to mail a note, please send it to the office. If meant for the family, please indicate that, and we will get it to them.    

At the family’s request, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Freestore Foodbank or The Paul Staubach Memorial Scholarship Fund through the Evans Scholar Foundation. 

So many people were impacted by Paul; the best we can hope for now is that his legacy will live on through the family he loved dearly, the business he worked hard on and in, and the green grass of the many golf courses he had the pleasure to play.

Your Foster & Motley Team