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P&G mini-tender offer: Thom Guidi quoted in the Cincinnati Business Courier

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Thom Guidi recently spoke with Andy Brownfield of the Cincinnati Business Courier about a mini-tender offer that P&G is urging its shareholders to reject.

Here is an excerpt from the story published on September 1:
"P&G (NYSE: PG) asked its shareholders to reject the offer of Delaware-based Mason Bell LLC to purchase 75,000 shares of Procter stock for $106 per share in what's called a mini-tender offer. P&G's stock hit an all-time high of $139.06 on Aug. 25 and was trading around $137.76, as of Tuesday afternoon.

Tom Guidi, co-chief investment officer at Foster & Motley, said mini-tender offers are an attempt to purchase a company's stock cheaply from unwitting sellers and turn it around quickly for a profit.

"It’s probably obvious to most people that the price that Mason Bell is offering is not a good deal, considering P&G’s current stock price," he said. "Mason Bell is hoping not everyone will figure that out."

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