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What is wealth management?

Published: Tuesday, June 8, 2021 · Last Updated: Friday, June 11, 2021

Wealth Management is term used by many businesses in the financial services industry and it means something different to each. At Foster & Motley, wealth management means combing financial planning and investment management to provide a comprehensive, cohesive experience for our clients. We believe wealth management done right helps you live your most meaningful life.

Why is wealth management important?

There are a lot of components of a person’s financial life and we believe wealth management should integrate them all to make one big clear picture. It considers cash flow, net worth analysis, tax planning, insurance considerations, retirement analysis, college planning, investment management, charitable giving, stock option planning, and more. Looking at any of these items independently can lead to problems; they are all interconnected and require careful coordination.

Wealth Management is not one size fits all - it’s unique to each person, couple, or family. What is important to one person may not resonate with another, so we work with clients to clearly define their goals and establish a plan to help them reach them, no matter where they are on their wealth journey.

How can wealth management help you?

Wealth Management can help you get a solid handle on where you are today, develop a plan for getting to where you want to be tomorrow, and put a plan in place for your future. Wealth management is not just about the financial parts of your life, it’s about your whole life.


At Foster & Motley we work with clients to help them embrace their wealth mindset and find the highest measure of wealth, which is not a financial status. Contact us to learn more about our Wealth Management offering and how we can help you achieve the life you envision.