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Sarah K. Browne, MFE, CFA

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Sarah K. Browne, MFE, CFA

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager
Sarah K. Browne, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

“To me, wealth is giving back and bettering yourself to build a community that benefits those around you.”

“Bonjour!” is how you might be greeted by Sarah Browne. She’s fluent in French and studied for a month in the French Alps before graduating from Ohio University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and International Business. Oui! Now we see where that French comes into play. She loves the language so much that she received a major certificate in French as well.

The French language and finance aren’t all that she loves; Sarah loves cooking - especially hosting her friends for dinner parties at her place. In fact, she’s known to love the entire process, as the true hostess that she is. From planning the meal to curating recipes and doing the cooking, she enjoys it from start to finish – well, maybe not cleaning up. Sarah loves shopping at Findlay Market with her husband, Eric, but they do grow their own veggies at home on the east side of Cincinnati. When not creating culinary experiences, she’s an avid cyclist who rode over 250 miles across Ohio in 2023! The ride was in support of finding a cure for ALS, and was led by Foster & Motley founder, Dave Foster. And as should come as no surprise, she likes to say “au revoir” to the States and immerse herself in other cultures. Every few years, she goes back to Europe to visit her host mom from her time studying abroad.

It’s obvious Sarah’s invested in a great many things, which made her a great fit for our investment team. She joined Foster & Motley in late 2021 but has several outstanding achievements on her resumé before she ever graced us with her presence. She graduated with a Masters in Financial Economics at the end of 2016 and received the CFA Program Women’s Scholarship in April 2021 while pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation. In November of 2022, Sarah became a CFA Charterholder, and added the credentials to her signature. 

Sarah is passionate about the representation of women in a male-dominated workforce and has said she was impressed with Foster & Motley’s diversity during the interview process. As a cancer survivor, she makes it a point to give back to that community. 

Quick Facts:

  • Earned Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) designation, 2022
  • Obtained Series 65 accreditation, 2022
  • Received CFA Program Women’s Scholarship, 2021
  • Masters in Financial Economics from Ohio University, 2016
  • Graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelors Degree in Finance & International Business, 2013
  • Major Certificate in French from Ohio University, 2013
  • Board Member, Ohio University College of Business Society of Alumni and Friends