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A Conversation on Your Assets and Estate Planning With the Family

A Conversation on Your Assets and Estate Planning With the Family

Having conversations with your family about your estate plans are an important step in avoiding any issues when the time comes for someone to step in and take care of your assets.

In this episode, Dave Nienaber and Thom Guidi discuss what the process of having this personal conversation with your family looks like. Dave and Thom share some of their personal stories of working with clients to help you understand the real importance of including your family.

In this episode, you will learn:

  •     Why individuals tend to avoid having estate planning conversations with their family
  •     When the right time is to have these conversations 
  •     Who should be included at the table during these meetings 
  •     What the Family Letter is, and what it includes 
  •     And More!

Tune in now to learn why it's vital for you to have an estate planning conversation with your family, and what you should expect during it.

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