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Foster & Motley: A Cincinnati Investment Firm

At Foster & Motley our experienced and credentialed investment managers provide clients with a customized portfolio, unique to their individual needs.  Developing a good investment strategy begins with getting to know our clients and understanding their goals. Client investment portfolios focus on broad diversification, low underlying costs, and seek a consistent rate of return relative to your benchmark.    

Our Investment Service

Eight key aspects of our investment service that we utilize to help you meet your goals include:

  • Understanding your unique situation
  • Personalize your Investment Policy Statement
  • Follow a consistent investment philosophy
  • Develop a customized portfolio
  • Adhere to a disciplined process
  • Execute a wealth optimization strategy
  • Assist with money movement including required minimum distributions
  • Communicate and build solid ongoing relationships


Setting Goals and Personalizing Your Investment Policy Statement

The first meetings are about getting to know you.  We are here to listen and learn about your goals and seek to provide excellence in both personalized service and in investment management.  Your unique needs and interests, your assets, your spending requirements, and risk tolerance help us craft a personalized investment policy statement that will serve as a guide in managing your portfolio to help you meet your goals.  

Constructing Your Portfolio

Once the strategy outlined in your Investment Policy Statement is established, we will begin managing your assets on a discretionary basis with a disciplined approach.  This includes developing a customized and diversified portfolio that takes into account your unique circumstances and seeks to mitigate market-specific risks that are inherent with investing.  

Consistent Investment Philosophy and Disciplined Process

At Foster & Motley, our goal is to select investments that will offer our clients a better risk-adjusted rate of return.  We manage stocks and bonds with a disciplined, tax-sensitive, long-term approach. Regarding stocks, we believe that a diversified portfolio of excellent companies purchased at reasonable prices and held for long periods is the best path to investing success.  

We actively manage bonds, avoiding large interest rate “bets” while seeking out performance via: 

  • Fundamental research
  • Spread analysis
  • Broad diversification

We modify portfolio exposure to different fixed income sectors using a proprietary model. An allocation to diversifying strategies is included in portfolios to enhance the overall risk-return expectation.

Wealth Optimization

We know you can only spend after-tax dollars.  We focus on proper asset location, distribution planning, and tax-efficient portfolio management in order to optimize your wealth.  This includes helping you with moving money to your external accounts to meet required IRA distributions, donating to charities in a tax-efficient manner, and making periodic withdrawals.

Gaining Your Trust

By communicating with our clients on a regular basis, updating them on the progress we are making, and making any necessary adjustments, we hope to build a trustworthy relationship with all our clients.  We provide you with reports that clearly outline fees and performance, and we encourage regular client meetings.

Our Dedicated Team of Investment Advisors

Every advisor at Foster & Motley has achieved certification or accreditation in their respective fields, and their expertise will be focused on your individual needs.  We have a fee-only approach, so you can take comfort in knowing our advice is unbiased and free from the conflict of interest. Our fiduciary duty is taken very seriously, ensuring our goals are aligned with you attaining yours.  

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