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Navigate your financial terrain with unbiased, critical, and fearless thinking

At Foster & Motley, we take a customized, common sense approach to Wealth Management.

Staying on course financially requires a disciplined, integrated approach. Foster & Motley serves as your personal wealth manager, seamlessly bringing together financial planning and discretionary investment management services to keep you on track to meet your goals.

Foster & Motley's
Wealth Management Includes:
Financial Planning & Investment Management

The Power of &

Financial Planning

Financial Planning integrates all components of your financial life to make one big, clear picture. It’s not simply investments, insurance, or taxes. It’s about understanding how these areas work together and evolve to help you achieve your dreams. The financial world is always changing. Your life is constantly changing. We work with you to adapt to these changing circumstances.

Investment Management

Our Investment Strategy seeks to provide a more consistent rate of return relative to your benchmark through customized portfolios that offer broad diversification, superior performance, and lower fees. We strongly believe investments should be held over a long period of time (and evaluated over periods of at least three years), and we seek investments that offer a better risk-adjusted rate of return for our clients.

Facts & Goals

Getting to know you and what matters most.

Retirement Planning

Creating confidence in life’s next chapter.

Tax Planning

Minimizing taxes to maximize wealth.

Estate Planning

Aligning goals and legacy.

Insurance Planning

Protecting your savings and financial future.

Cash Flow Planning

Mapping and anticipating how money moves in your life.

Net Worth Analysis

A clear picture of your wealth.

College Planning

Investing in your family’s future.

Charitable Gifting

Sharing your passion.

Stock Option Planning

Developing strategies to maximize the value of your options.

Understanding You

Learning about your financial situation, goals, and needs.

Investment Policy Statement

Creating a plan tailored to meet your unique financial profile.

Customized Portfolio

Accounting for your lifestyle and unique circumstances including current investments and constraints.

Consistent Investment Philosophy

Focusing on income, growth, value, and quality.

Disciplined Process

Limiting subjectivity with a defined, quantitative process.

Wealth Optimization

Minimizing taxes with asset location, distribution planning, and tax efficient management.

Money Movement

Assisting with required IRA distributions, charitable and family giving, and periodic withdrawals.

Ongoing Relationships Built on Trust

Regular communication and addressing financial questions as they arise.

Discussion of Fees

Discussion of Fees

Foster & Motley’s fee-only approach to financial planning and investing puts you, our client, first, and ensures our goals always align with making sure you reach yours.

We do not accept commissions, referral fees, or other payments from any vendors. We are completely independent from all financial product providers. Once you engage with us, we will always be available to listen, answer questions, and provide insight about your financial and investing needs.

Wealth Management bundles our comprehensive and ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management services together for one fee. The fee for this service is based on assets under management.

The minimum aggregate account size for wealth management is $1 million. Generally, it is expected that all or nearly all of a client’s “manageable” financial assets will be managed by Foster & Motley.

We provide a combination of Investment Management and Financial Planning to clients who currently have less than $1 million of investable assets but expect to exceed $1 million of investable assets in the future. Individual situations vary significantly, so our service can be customized to include the mix of Investment Management and Financial Planning services that is best for you.

Financial Planning is provided with an initial planning engagement based on a flat fee ranging from $3,500 to $8,000. Once the initial plan is complete, ongoing planning needs are available via an annual retainer agreement. The average annual retainer fee is $3,500 but varies depending on individual circumstances.

Investment Management services are offered for a fee of 1.0 percent.

The minimum annual fee for investment management services is $5,000. Once you reach $1 million of investable assets, you will receive investment management and financial planning for a single fee starting at 1.0 percent.

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