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Advising clients during coronavirus: Ryan English, CFA, CPA, CFP® Quoted in the Cincinnati Business Courier

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Ryan English spoke with Steve Watkins of the Cincinnati Business Courier about how Cincinnati money managers are advising clients during coronavirus.

Here is an excerpt from the story published on March 25:

History shows that when stocks fall precipitously as they have lately, they rebound and come back higher. But it takes time, said English, whose firm manages about $1.4 billion.

“We’re telling clients to stick with their long-term plans,” [Ryan English] said. That includes asset allocations designed for the long run.

He suggests rebalancing now, which means selling bonds that have gained in value recently while buying stocks now that they’re cheaper.

He understands that some investors are worried.

“We are telling clients it is OK to feel uneasy about the dramatic and rapid disruption we are experiencing in the markets,” he said. “Certainly there is some unease. Most are maintaining a long-term view, but it doesn’t feel very good at the time as you’re going through it.”

The news probably will get worse before it gets better. But there’s a key difference between this downturn and past market corrections.

“In others, economic activity receded and there was never at that time an expectation of when the recovery would begin,” he said. “This time, we know economic activity will begin to pick up as soon as the medical ‘all-clear’ is sounded. And if history is any guide, markets will sort out a bottom and turn up sometime before that.”

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