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What You Need To Know About Investment Management Firms

What You Need To Know When Choosing An Investment Management Firm

Are you looking for an investment management firm in Cincinnati? With all of the different resources available for investment management, we have created a list of the things to keep in mind when you are searching for the right investment management firm for your needs.

Developing a good investment strategy begins with getting to know the client and understanding their goals. We believe client investment portfolios should focus on broad diversification, low underlying costs, and seek a consistent rate of return relative to their benchmark.

There are nine questions you should ask when selecting an investment management firm.

  1. Does the investment management firm understand your unique situation and story?
  2. Do they personalize your investment policy statement?
  3. Do they follow a consistent investment philosophy?
  4. Will they develop a customized portfolio for you?
  5. Does the investment management firm adhere to a disciplined process?
  6. Do they have case studies that demonstrate the ability to execute a wealth optimization strategy?
  7. Will the firm assist with money movement, including required minimum distributions?
  8. Do you feel confident that the investment management firm will communicate and build solid ongoing relationships?
  9. Does your investment manager consider your unique tax circumstances?

What to Expect at Your First Meeting With An Investment Management Firm

The first meetings with an investment management firm are all about getting to know you and your goals. Learning about your goals helps the firm provide excellence in both personalized service and in investment management. Your unique needs and interests, your assets, your spending requirements, and risk tolerance help craft a personalized investment policy statement that will serve as a guide in managing your portfolio to help you meet your goals.

Once the investment management strategy is outlined and established, you should expect to have your assets managed based on your goals. This includes developing a customized and diversified portfolio that takes into account your unique circumstances.

How Can Foster & Motley Help?

Foster & Motley serves as your personal wealth management firm, seamlessly bringing together financial planning and discretionary investment management services to help keep you on track to meet your goals. We are a fee-only financial planner in Cincinnati and offer a customized, 3-tier approach for each of our clients’ needs.


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