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Slowing foot traffic at Kroger: Ryan English quoted in the Cincinnati Business Courier

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Ryan English, MBA, CFA, CPA, CFP(R), recently spoke with Steve Watkins of the Cincinnati Business Courier about Kroger’s slowing foot traffic. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Last year consumers tended to consolidate their visits to the grocery store and stock up on items,” said Ryan English, investment manager and shareholder at Kenwood-based investment advisory firm Foster & Motley. “Kroger’s foot traffic growth this year could be attributed to more frequent visits. It’s possible this scenario is now playing out again with the increase in Covid cases. Another explanation could be more vacationing and eating out in the months of July and August as a reason for the recent decline.”

Either way, English says Kroger is in a good spot in coming months.

“I still think Kroger’s positioning is strong,” he said. “Foot traffic is only part of the equation. Execution on digital sales and delivery are more important for the future.”

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